5-Axis Machining Center

The Lumber Liquidator, a division of Intermatic Products Corporation (IPC), is a leader in the industry with operations in North and South Carolina. Lumber Liquidator utilizes their state of the art milling machines to provide clients with the highest quality raw materials at competitive prices. These machines are designed to meet every customer need for their wide range of products including flooring, architectural woodwork, cabinet works, and furniture packaging. The company prides itself on providing “putting the customer first” with every facet of its operation. A five-axis machining center offers customers access to skilled labor with the ability to meet the varying needs of our customers.

The collision avoidance control system (CACS) is utilized in all CNC machines to help maintain accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. All CNC machines use 100% robotic technology with no human supervision. The Lumber Liquidator has fully equipped, high-performance, fully serviceable CNC machines and CNC Software Solutions to meet all of your machining requirements.

The Lumber Liquidator’s CNC Software Solutions features the most advanced computer software available for CNC operation. The program is compatible with CNC routers and cutting tools and the software controls both the machine and the router. The software allows the operator to specify the operations to be carried out on the router and the cutting tool to suit the requirements of each customer, including all types of material types, particle sizes, and cutting angle and distance requirements.

The Lumber Liquidator also offers a full range of surface quality products for wood and metal fabrication. Many of the products are made with high-quality materials, which include diamond, cubic zirconia, and white oak. These products are designed to meet the exact specifications of original manufacturer parts, ensuring that the products are free of defects and will withstand years of use.

The Lumber Liquidator offers top-of-the-line, fully automatic CNC machines and fully serviceable routers, as well as a complete range of tools and material handling equipment. It has an extensive catalog of machine parts including nuts, bolts, motors, pulleys, accessories, and more. It is proud to offer products that are designed to help every type of manufacturer serve their customers with the highest level of performance and efficiency. With fully automatic machines, it takes less time and money to accomplish high-volume production runs. Some of the CNC machines offered by the Lumber Liquidator are also fully serviceable and allow the operator to add refilling services when necessary.

For companies large and small, the Lumber Liquidator offers a wide range of machines, from simple lathes to advanced desktop and industrial grinders. It’s important to note that the full range of CNC machined parts offered by the Lumber Liquidator are designed to withstand heavy use and are made to stand up to the most demanding applications. Whether you are looking for simple parts such as nuts or bolts to larger machinery parts such as lathes and routers, the Lumber Liquidator is the place to go to for your machine parts needs. The Lumber Liquidator also offers a full range of accessories to help you get the most out of your CNC machinery. These include a variety of nuts, bolts, and other hardware, as well as accessories such as measuring equipment and jiggers. When you choose to work with a reputable 5-axis machining center such as the Lumber Liquidator, your products will be guaranteed to work with the company’s equipment, and the company’s warranty will ensure that your machine continues to work for years to come.