The Vertical Grinders Basic Function and Design

The LSS 53 Vertical Grinder is extremely solid and powerful enough for even the toughest rough grinding jobs thus making it an ideal choice if mobility is of little importance. The sturdy, rigid design with an aluminium nodular cast iron cylindrical air chamber and vertically standing air compressor gives unrivalled performance and longevity. The precision-crafted vertical air chuck parts are made with forged, titanium-plated and chrome-lined aluminium air brushes. They also have anodised aluminium powder-coated finish to protect against corrosion.

Vertical Grinder

The LSS 53 Vertical Grinder utilises a patented, fully-adjustable and universal chuck plate which allows for a full range of operation by simply changing one of its two speeds. This provides a fast and easy method of changing abrasive particles by altering the speed of the vertical grinder spindle. Moreover, it also makes it possible to change grind sizes without any difficulty or inconvenience. The grinding spindle, which remains fixed in place, can be positioned anywhere in a machine shop by angling it up or down to suit a given slot.

It features a heavy duty, fully welded, high-quality belt drive and a heavy duty, fully welded, high-quality chuck. The vertical grinder machine also features a unique sliding deck that enables the machine to be used with both left and right hand systems for optimum material removal capability. This deck lock feature prevents slipping off of the grinding surfaces during transportation and storage. In addition, it prevents slippage on both sides of the machines while simultaneously reducing the risk of damage to the machine.

The LSS 53 Vertical Grinder machine can also be used in the fabrication of precision components and is used in the production of precision bearings, valve stems, gear housings, and a wide variety of other high-volume grinding applications. This machine is also very useful in the manufacture of material removal applications such as sanding, polishing, honing, buffing, sealing, polishing, etc. It can quickly and accurately perform all of these tasks thanks to its powerful motor. This particular vertical grinder series is also very useful in applications requiring a high amount of material removal per cycle, such as in the case of abrasive jet finishing.

In addition, the LSS series has a patented dual-locking design that provides for efficient and safe operation. This innovative design features a heavy-duty air-cooled, variable-speed fan that requires minimal workpiece rotation for maximum performance. The two speed settings are also easily programmable using a single push button. The dual locking system provides for an optimized operating environment that minimizes chatter and vibration. The result is an increase in both the quality and speed of the vertical grinder output.

Finally, despite its size, this vertical grinder is surprisingly compact and light-weight. It also features a unique “cable-driven” mechanism that provides for easy attachment to shafts and workpieces with no need for tool cable assembly or welding. This simple and effective design makes it highly desirable for applications where space is critical, yet production efficiency and speed are equally important.