A Double-Sided Grinder: An Overview

A double-sided grinder, sometimes called a twin-side grinders, is an extremely versatile grinding machine with two fixed rotatable surfaces which rotate in opposite directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise. In this design, the grinding surfaces are set up in a vertical position above the chuck. By adjusting the angle of the blade against the steel blank, it is possible to specify the amount of grinding performed per revolution of the machine. Grinding of varying types is possible because there is no need to control the grinding of one surface while concentrating on another. The two sides of the machine are self-aligning.

The term “double-sided” describes the way the workpiece is moved along the grinding machine axes as it is moved across the face. Grinding machines with a double-sided grinder are very effective at producing identical results from identical pieces of work, due to the identical amount of workpiece movement between the two sides. This type of grinding machine can grind aluminum and copper, stainless steel and alloy steel. Because the face of the workpiece is basically the same all throughout, the grinding occurs in a totally consistent manner regardless of the orientation of the piece.

A two-sided grinder is different from the typical two-sided grinder in that the distance between the two working surfaces is adjustable and may be changed manually. The two-sided type of grinders also have a different method for feeding the workpiece through the grinding wheel. The two-sided type of milling machine has a larger and more efficient grinding wheel than the two-sided type of grinding wheels that are used in conventional types of grinding. This two-sided machine also allows adjustments for the height and angle of the grinding face. Grinding of both types of material produces similar outcomes with a two-sided grinding system.

The two-sided grinders are typically made of aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel, although they may also be constructed from carbon fiber or an all-carbon material. These machines may also include a blade, which is used for scoring the material during the grinding process. The blades of many of these types of grinders are designed in a way so that the depth of the blade slot is precisely matched to the depth of the grinding wheel. Because of this, these machines can grind through various sizes of materials with perfect consistency.

It should be noted that the two-sided and the single-sided grinders are not interchangeable with each other. Although some types of two-sided grinders are manufactured as single-sided grinders, many of these grinders are actually designed as two-sided grinders. It should be noted that most professional jewelers prefer to use the single-sided grinder when working with yellow gold and white gold, as these types of colored gemstones do not produce as polished or brilliant finishes as other colored gemstones, such as diamonds and rubies.

A two-sided grinder can be purchased at most major home improvement stores and can even be purchased online from a variety of websites. Because these machines are designed to be used by jewelers and engravers who have a wide variety of different types of material to work with, it should be noted that these machines require plenty of practice and experience to become comfortable using them. These machines are designed to be very versatile, so it should be noted that certain workpieces, such as those that have rolled edges, will need to be held at a specific angle while the grinding blade is spinning. These workplaces will need to be held at an angle that is at least thirty degrees to the viewing audience.