CNC Milling Machines – Benefits of Using a CNCmill

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CNC Milling Machines – Benefits of Using a CNCmill

Why buy a 5-axis CNC mill? There are simply so many reasons today more than ever why machine shop owners are choosing to replace their current machinery with 5-axis CNC mills. In one case by Hurco, a piece that took seven operations and 5 hours 15 minutes to assemble on a traditional 3-axis CNC machine was simply replaced by a simple piece that could now be put together in five operations and just a few minutes. This is just one of the many examples of how you can vastly reduce the number of human errors in production when you choose to use a CNC mill. When these types of machines are run frequently, they can perform at speeds of up to 3500 RPM which will greatly reduce slippage and improve accuracy as well.

As previously mentioned, a CNC mill with this type of technology offers businesses the opportunity to cut their workload in half or even eliminate it all together. Imagine if you were in the business of making complex plastic parts. Instead of having dozens of workers make a part of each day, you would have only a single person or team making all the parts you need. If you used a CNC mill, you could have an employee turn a simple plastic mold into a part in a matter of seconds. Instead of spending weeks or months creating these complex parts, you could now have them done in mere hours using a 5-axis cnc mill.

Another great benefit to these types of machines is the ability to use them for parts that are not manufactured to your specification. For instance, you may be interested in creating furniture but don’t have the budget for a factory-made piece. This is where a pocket nc or kickback machine would come in handy. By creating a customized piece for yourself from a photograph or blueprint, you can use a kickstarter system to fund the materials you need for the project.

The final benefit to the 5-axis cnc mill is the improvement in the precision of the work. Since the CNC unit enables the user to specify exactly what they want, the parts are made to the highest level possible. This means that your complex piece will be cut to the right dimensions and with a much better surface finish than what you would get from a machine that doesn’t have this type of capability. These types of machines are also often better equipped to cut materials other than plastic. You can use them to cut metal, wood, or even ceramics without a problem.

Another benefit to these types of CNC machines is the ability to quickly change out parts when the need arises. If your needs ever change, you can simply remove a broken part and replace it with a new one so your production never has to slow down. The same can be said about material types. If you are looking to improve the color of a product, switch out your materials, or simply improve the way the item looks overall, you can do so using a CNC mill.

The final benefit is probably one of the most talked about: the increased speed at which you can create your work. This is true whether you are milling wire, forming plastic, or any other material. By switching from a manually operated machine to a CNC mill, you are able to speed up the process without sacrificing quality. As an example, when you are milling plastic, you will notice that the pieces will move at a much faster rate than they would if you were using a hand mill. When you use a two-Axis CNC mill, you can change speeds at will to ensure the pieces are done evenly. Regardless of what type of product you are making, the benefits of a CNC mill are numerous.