The Benefits of a 5-Axis Machining

Five-axis machining has made its mark on the mechanical industry and is becoming increasingly popular among the general public. It is a very complex process but when completed correctly it can yield outstanding results.

5axis machining

Machining has a number of benefits but mainly it enables the person operating the machine to cut all shapes into the desired shape. This is a highly desirable feature for any machinery. The process is also quite accurate, and because of its precision and speed, it is often used in industries where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

There are a number of different types of five-axis machining and each has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first instance, there is the rotary tool which works using a screw and is often used for small projects and intricate jobs. These tools are usually very versatile and are also quite simple to use and set up. They can be set up by the operator and require little in the way of maintenance. The rotary tool is also an ideal tool for making quick changes in design as they are easy to handle and work with.

Another type of machine is known as a plasma cutter and works by applying heat to a piece of metal which then causes a series of cuts. The cuts produced are normally long and thin but because of the extremely high temperatures used the cuts can be razor sharp. Due to the plasma cutting nature of the machine, the user has complete control over the size of the cuts. Many different kinds of plasma cutters are available on the market today, which makes them ideal for almost any job that needs a wide variety of cuts.

Finally, a die is used for a similar reason to the plasma cutter but instead the metal is fed into the die through a slot or hole. The die is operated by a lever which causes the die to rotate a series of cutting edges into the hole. Many different styles of die exist and are produced to suit different requirements. All die types however, work by cutting the metal in an identical manner but in different ways and depending on the machine they produce different results.

As you can see from the different types of machining discussed above, the benefits are many. While rotary and plasma machines are less common, they are still used in the mechanical industry due to their accuracy and fast pace. Although not as popular as they once were, they are certainly capable of producing some truly amazing results when it comes to cutting metal into any shape imaginable.