5-Axis CNC Programming Basics


5-Axis CNC Programming Basics

It is an interesting fact that the advancements in technology have made their way to the realm of creating machines that have a number of different components which are controlled with some sort of a programming language. 5-axis machine control is an example of this type of technology which makes it possible for a company to create a machine that can perform hundreds of different tasks in a very short period of time. However, a good majority of people do not really understand what exactly this terminology means.

There are three main categories which are being referred to here and they are: optical, hydraulic and cnc. Although they may be somewhat different, they are all important and when you combine them together you will see what they mean in relation to the subject of CNC programming. Let’s take a look at what these terms actually mean.

A CNC refers to the term which is used to describe the design of equipment. This is a type of graphic design that refers to the creation of an item such as a drill, a lathe or a milling machine. The concept of a CNC machine is actually a bit of a misnomer because these tools are specifically not manufactured in this manner. Although a CNC machine may be able to be controlled using the CNC programming language, the devices themselves are generally not created in this manner.

In the realm of drilling, for example, you will find that there are typically five types of hydraulics which will be referred to as the “Auxiliary Steering”, “Caliper”, “Carriage”, “Centerline”Fluidic Flow Control”. The Auxiliary Steering controls the size of the hole as well as the rotation of the hole.

Hydraulic, on the other hand, refers to the process of moving a piece of equipment such as a drill to the location of a hole. This is done by a number of different methods, but the majority of equipment will need hydraulic help to move through some sort of a hole. Some examples of this type of operation include:

Then, on the other end of the spectrum you will find programmable lasers. These are something which are commonly used in the manufacturing of cutting tools and if you are into the technology of the machines then this should be your first concern because lasers are also considered as a type of hydraulics.

Finally, you will find that while a drill or a lathe may seem like simple and basic mechanical operations, a CNC machine is nothing of the sort. It takes into account all the various type of hydraulics and the number of programs which are required for it to operate correctly. There are a variety of different types of operations which can be performed by a CNC machine and each type of operation requires a certain set of commands.

As a CNC programmer, you must keep these different types of tools in mind and be aware of the different types of commands which are required for an operation to work properly. Once you become familiar with all of the different things that a CNC machine is capable of doing, you will find that the process of programming becomes much easier and more efficient for you. Do not hesitate to check out CNC programming tutorials online because this will prove to be an extremely helpful tool for you to master.